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"Parenting is difficult under the most ideal of is harder when both parent and child are sleep deprived."

- Melissa Eastlick, Child Development Specialist, Sleep Consultant, Family Coach

You are exhausted. Your work life is suffering. And your partner transformed into a grouch.

Your child will NOT sleep. And you desperately need a sleep coach to help you.


Because you are living one of these scenes:​


  • Your toddler recently got a big kid bed. This was an exciting milestone. Until your child wakes you up 2 to 3 times a night.

  • Your child only sleeps if one of you is also sleeping by their side. Goodbye romance & intimacy.

  • Your baby wakes up more than 3 times in a night. You're a walking zombie. AND you've heard all the's no longer funny.

  • Your family's advice to let your baby "cry it out" until they fall asleep is not how you want to also makes your heart hurt.


The child and parent sleep debt is real.​

Hi. I'm Melissa Eastlick a sleep consultant and family coach. My mission is to help parents and their kids have quality sleep patterns backed by science. 

I work with families in and outside of my hometown (Missoula, Montana). I also offer my sleep consulting services nationwide. We meet on Skype for your initial free 20-minute consultation. Or by phone call.

Call Melissa at 406-2071181 for a free 20-minute consultation.

You will discuss:

  • Child's age and development

  • Duration of sleep difficulties

  • The amount of sleep debt

  • Temperament of your child

  • Sleep training method

  • Your parenting style

As a sleep coach, Melissa will help you and your child:

  • Define and develop good sleep habits, backed by science

  • Explore how your child can put themselves to sleep


  • Understand appropriate sleep times, lengths, and how this will help your child's development


  • How to transition from a nap


  • Conquer bedtime battles

And more information will be given to empower you through your child's early years.

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