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About Melissa Eastlick


FSI Graduate 2015

Certified Sleep Consultant and Family coach

University of Montana

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education 2005

I have been an early childhood professional for close to 20 years.


Eight of those years I worked with families who have children with delays and disabilities. I would visit and collaborate with families to build lessons around their children. We focused on behavior, diet, sleep and potty training. Sleep training seemed to be a common difficulty for families. At the time I shrugged that off as parents not following my stellar advice.

Until I had my daughter, Hadley.


I experienced the pain and fear of not wanting to hear her cry - at all - for her first year in life.


I was afraid of creating attachment issues from my knowledge as an early childhood developmental specialist. I also was aware there were facts that at 4 months of age, she should be putting herself to sleep...which was not happening...

After  4 months came and went, Hadley was sleeping maybe 10 hours a day. When she needed at least 15. She would only sleep in my arms. She would wake up 4 to 5 times throughout the night.


At one point, I lost it!


I handed Hadley over to my husband. They took a three-hour nap while I did research. That's when I discovered the Family Sleep Institute. I was shocked to find out everything that I knew about sleep habits was wrong...outdated.


It's a big reason why I enrolled to become a certified sleep consultant.

I realized the advice I was giving as a child development specialist that I thought parents were not following...was the poor sleep guidance our society provides to people and parents today.


Now, knowing the science behind good sleep makes all the difference in the world. Good sleep is crucial to our happiness, our learning, and our growth. 

Coaching families who experience sleep debt, toddler sleep regression, and infant sleep training is something I love to do. I love witnessing parents feeling empowered and supported in their role as a parent. It is a blessing to celebrate with them their children's early years and developmental milestones. 

Call Melissa now, 406-207-1181 for a free 20-minute consultation.


You will discuss your child's age, how long the sleep difficulties have been going on, the amount of sleep debt, the temperament of your child, a sleep training method, and your parenting style to empower you through your child's early years.

*servicing nationwide

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