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Why hire a Child Sleep Consultant?

By the time you have realized something needs changing in order to help your child sleep better you have

probably also realized both you and your child are exhausted. Treating sleep problems can be a difficult

task, mostly because both you and your child are overtired (which is the number one contribution to poor

sleep habits). This is where a Child Sleep Consultant can help. Working with a fully trained professional

will provide you both with the knowledge and support to get through this time so everyone in the house

can get back to sleep.



Won’t my child just grow out of this phase?

It is possible your child might “grow” out of their bad sleep habits but, more often, if the foundation is

not laid out to support good sleeping habits, the poor sleep will persist or even worsen over time. Poor

sleeping habits can ultimately contribute to increasing sleep debt, exacerbating the problem further.

Sleeping is a developmental milestone just like walking or talking. Teaching your child to sleep should be

thought of the same way as when you decide to begin introducing solid foods to your little one. When

good sleep habits are instilled at a young age they will follow your child throughout the rest of his/her




What can a Child Sleep Consultant help me with?

As a Child Sleep Consultant, I have been trained to help you tackle an array of sleep problems:

*Learning to sleep through the night

*Learning to put oneself to sleep

*Appropriate sleep times and lengths and how this will help your child gain better sleep skills

*Learning to nap

*Transitioning from nap

*Bedtime battles

*Learning what good sleep habits look like, what they will help with, and how to obtain them

*When to explore the need to seek further professional help to obtain optimal sleep



How do I get started?

Just reach out to me either by phone or email to get the ball rolling. Together we will discuss which

package will best support you through the journey to help your little one sleep. Afterwards, you and I will

schedule a time for your consultation. At that time I will email you an intake form, service agreement,

payment agreement, and an invoice. The intake form and payment are to be completed prior to the visit.

At the visit, we will discuss good sleep habits, sleep training methods, and we’ll begin developing and

strategizing a plan. By the end of the visit we will have outlined a plan of action you will take to help

teach your child to sleep.



What can I expect when working with a Child Sleep Consultant?

Help for everyone to sleep better! In all seriousness, you will receive tailored help that will best support

your child and your family to develop better sleep habits. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to

helping your child learn better sleeping skills. Everyone’s learning and needs are different; I can help you

choose the package that will best fit your needs. It is also important that we develop a plan that you are

comfortable with and supports your parenting philosophies and goals. If you choose one of the longer

packages you will have daily access to me (Monday-Friday) to ask questions or check in on how the

training is going. The only thing I require is for you to send me, either via text or email, the time and

lengths your child is sleeping and any other important details that may affect your child’s sleep. During

this time I will provide you with the information you need to achieve success in helping your child sleep.

My ultimate goal is to support you through this process until you have the tools and confidence you need

to continue helping your child sleep!



How long does it usually take to train a child to sleep?

This depends on many factors, and every child is different. Some of these factors are: the age of the

child, how long the sleep difficulties have been going on, the amount of sleep debt, the temperament of

the child, the sleep training method chosen, and consistency of the parent. I have seen some children

jump into good sleeping habits after just a couple of days and other children who have taken a month to

establish good sleep habits. Usually we should begin seeing some sort of improvement within the first

week or two.



How old does my child need to be before I sleep train?

Your child should be at least 4 months old and if your child was born prematurely, even by a couple of

weeks, you need to adjust for this time. Infants under the age of 4months do not have the experience or

skills to begin trying to self-regulate, making it difficult to participate in sleep training. However, it is

never too early to begin learning about good sleep and how to lay the foundation for your new bundle of



Why is sleep so important?

Just like eating helps nourishes our body and keeps us fueled to keep going, sleeps helps us refuel and

replenish. Good sleep habits are imperative for the body and brain to function at optimal levels. Even

small sleep deficits can have negative effects on everyday life and accumulated or long-term deficits can

have profound impacts on our mental and physical well-being. Parenting is difficult even under the most

ideal of circumstances, but it is made significantly harder when both parent and child are sleep deprived.

Let me help you establish a fully rested household so you can focus on the things that really matter!




















































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