Sleep Support Plans



30 Days of Sleep Support  (originally a 14-day value)

  • 60-90 minute visit

  • Customized sleep habit plan for your little ones age 4 months to 5 years

  • Receive support for your child's behavior 

  • Parental accountability to follow through with your plan

  • Support and creative adaptations for children with special needs


Sleep Consultation Package (up to 3 days of support) 

  • 60-90 minute visit

  • Customized sleep plan, great for a 4-month-old and parents to begin with strong habits

  • Excellent for parents and toddlers who are transitioning from a crib to a big kid bed

  • Personal support over 3 days to answer questions

  • Customized adjustments to meet needs of the child and the parents

* In-home visit subject to Missoula, Montana area only. Outside of Missoula County, home visits will be charged on a case by case basis

*National clients will receive a visit in the form of a one on one phone call or Zoom

Monthly Sleep Class 


  • This is training for parents to discuss good sleep habits for children 4 months to 5 years old. 

  • Address major concerns and questions

  • Receive information about good sleeping habits and ideas that can help your child (and maybe even you)

  • After the training, you will receive handouts on great sleep tips plus discounts for 1:1 support. 

The next training will be held: Coming Soon 

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Expecting Parents


Excellent Baby Shower gift

  • Support parents awaiting the arrival of their child(ren)

  • Information on newborn to 3-month sleep development

  • Support for topics like GERD during pregnancy

Additional Support


30-60 minute Phone call (can be broken up over 1-2 days)

  • For returning families 

  • Excellent refreshers

  • Answer questions and create an adaptable plan for your growing child


5-day Accountability

  • For returning families

  • Can be completed over the month or in five consecutive days. 

  • Daily phone call or email support

  • Customized action plan to help you and your child with regressions that are common in the early childhood years

 Workshops & Customized Packages 

*Rate is determined on a case-by-case basis

Customize packages to meet you and your child's needs when they extend outside of the listed services (above).

Workshops are great for large groups seeking early childhood developmental sleep information.


Topics range from:


  • Sleep habits through the years

  • Challenging behaviors

  • Screen/media time

  • Sleep debt signs

  • Picky eating

  • Preparing to be a parent

  • How to balance being a parent and being a person

Contact Melissa to schedule a workshop at your local playgroup, school, university, or in your home (available on Skype for out of state parents).