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Sleep Support Plans & Trainings 

Sleep Consultation Package (up to two weeks of support) 


  • 60-90 minute visit

  • Customized sleep plan, great for parents of infants to begin with strong habits

  • Excellent for parents and toddlers who are transitioning from a crib to a big kid bed

  • Personal support over a week period to answer questions

  • Customized adjustments to meet the needs of the child and the parents

*Visits are done over Zoom or the phone. In-home visits will be considered in the Missoula, MT, area.

*Families with a child with an IFSP or an IEP will be offered up to a month of 1:1 support after the consultation. 

Shared Sleep Consultation

(AND a great excuse to throw a Mama's Party!)


  • Share the cost of a sleep consultation with up to eight friends (and maybe a glass of wine)!

  • Two-hour chat about how to create great sleep habits for everyone in your home with a Q&A

  • Each participant is welcome to a free 20-minute individualized follow-up & discounts for follow-up consultations and support. 

  • Consultations/Training/Party can either be in person or over Zoom

Monthly Sleep Class 
Next Training- November 17, 7:00-8:30 

$45 for training 

$75 for training and a follow-up

  • This is training for parents to discuss good sleep habits for children 6 months to 5 years old 

  • Address major concerns and questions

  • Receive information about good sleeping habits and ideas that can help your child (and maybe even you)

  • Receive an additional 20-minute follow-up after the training


Expecting Parents

Hi you!


Are you ready to take action towards a good night's sleep for you and your child?

Call me for a free 20-min consultation!



Excellent Baby Shower gift

  • Support parents awaiting the arrival of their child(ren)

  • Information on newborn to 3-month sleep development

  • information on how to set up good sleep habits into the 4-6 months age transition 

Additional Support


30-60 minute Phone call (can be broken up over 1-3 days)

  • For returning families 

  • Excellent refreshers

  • Answer questions and create an adaptable plan for your growing child


5-day Accountability

  • For returning families

  • Can be completed over the month or in five consecutive days. 

  • Daily phone call or email support

  • Customized action plan to help you and your child with regressions that are common in the early childhood years

Workshops & Customized Packages

*Rate is determined on a case-by-case basis

Customize packages to meet you and your child's needs when they extend outside of the listed services (above).

Workshops are great for large groups seeking early childhood developmental sleep information.


Topics range from:


  • Sleep habits through the years

  • Challenging behaviors

  • Screen/media time

  • Picky eating

  • Preparing to be a parent

  • How to balance being a parent and being a person

Contact Melissa to schedule a workshop at your local playgroup, school, university, or in your home (available on Zoom for groups out-of-state).

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