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"Contacting Early Years Parenting was one of the best decisions that we made for our family.


We were at a point with our 6 month old where he was waking every hour at night, and would only nap for 30 minutes at a time, and only if we were holding him.


Melissa was very supportive and understanding, and took the time to get to know our parenting style and worked with us to come up with a sleep training plan that fit our needs and wants.


Now, our baby is sleeping through the night, and taking two solid naps every day in his crib, each one between 1 to 1.5 hours! Melissa was always available for questions and was there to support us when we were having trouble. She's extremely knowledgeable about baby sleep, and taught us so much that we didn't know before.


Now, we are all getting sleep and my baby is definitely a happier little guy! I would highly recommend her services for any parents that are struggling with sleep issues!"

-Nicole Watson, New York 

"Melissa Eastlick and Early Years Parenting saved my sanity and created a solution for the ongoing sleep deprivation for the entire family. 


I was at a loss of what to do when our pediatrician gave us her pamphlet.  From fear and lack of education, it took me almost 6 more months to actually call.  She explained why babies need to sleep at certain times of the day and the biology behind it. I felt totally supported by her in every way. 


She was very responsive any time I needed help or had a question. She checked in on us and offered very helpful advice.


In turn my baby started getting enough sleep and was able to self soothe. I was able to sleep in larger blocks of time which gave me my memory and my energy back.


I have been dedicated - the early and pretty strict bedtimes and naps - but they pay-off every night in.  I would recommend her to every person I know that is expecting a baby or is in the thick of all nighters.  This is information that needs to be passed on."  


-Very Grateful Mama, Erin Huffman

Missoula, MT


"When I first contacted Melissa my son had been waking up every 30 minutes to an hour all night and taking short naps for about five or six months. I was exhausted and felt like half a human.


Melissa taught me so much not only about why sleep is important, but what was happening with my son during his struggles with sleep. She gave me manageable ways I could improve my son's sleep based on our individual needs and desires as a family.


In less than a month, my son was taking long naps and sleeping through the night. This changed our lives! Since then, whenever we experience a hiccup in sleep, Melissa is there to help get us back on track.


Her extensive knowledge and huge heart make her the perfect person to work with! I think my favorite part about Melissa is she's such a cheerleader through the whole process.


I always feel supported while working with her! We are healthier and happier because of her!"

-Ryann McLain, Havre, MT

Get started towards great sleep. Call Melissa at 

406-207-1181 for your free 20-minute consultation.

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